Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Truth about Hair and Bones.

 Okay, so undoubtedly this photo is from a couple of years ago (3....I mean....15 to be exact). 

But it got me thinking not so much about how age changes us (I'm fine with that and like getting older)
but what it made me consider is how closely I connect my weight with my loss of hair, and how that effects my self image.

When I was with a full head of hair, my look in general was definitely more defined, and I felt more attractive - which to be fair I'm sure most men feel when they are losing their hair.

But as the hair went away I struggled to cling on to it more so because I felt that my weight started to become more noticeable with the hair loss.  The less hair the more angular the face, the more the temple ridges showed and the more I felt like Sally Struthers was going to come up to my door to tell me she had found me my 56 cents a day.

For the last three months I had a let 'try the hair thing out again moment' - which involves lots of hat wearing and desperately trying to stay indoors whenever the wind was over 8mph.  Ridiculousness. So today I went to visit my friends Chip and Xtina (Thanks GUUUUURRRRRLLLLS)  for a buzz.
I've put on 8 pounds now and my face is filling out and you know what?

I looked really good and my face is starting to look a lot less sallow than the photo above.  I think I'm getting use to this.

Also I've realized - to all of you that are trying to lose or gain weight - do not be discouraged - when I'm looking at my self naked in the mirror 8 pounds is a huge change that is noticeable and exciting. Do NOT be upset when others do not notice it yet.

Shout out to BIG TONY - I have developed a loving relationship with mayonnaise. We make out all the time.  It's hot. Don't be jealous.