Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Rebound

January 1st of this year I quit smoking.  It has been fairly easy - and except for one slip up (which I will discuss in a moment) I have been going strong for 5 and a half months.

I could not have done this alone.  I owe my success to the help of a young woman whom I thought would be just a rebound.  I planned on tossing her to the curb the way I had my man Winston.

Her name is Nicorette.  I did not plan for her to be in my life for more than 3 months at the very most. But she won't leave me alone.  She keeps meeting me whenever I'm at the CVS.  She really likes long car rides, watching episodes of Miss Marple on Netflix and the bar.  Once..... she even fell asleep in my mouth.  Winston had never done that.  But there Nicorette was right there in the morning - stuck to my face.  It was filthy.  I had to shave to get her out of my mind. (and out of my beard).

I thought she was better than Winston.....I STILL's just that...I wanted to move on eventually...see lots of others on a daily basis -   Clementine, Cherry, Basil, Benedict, Caesar, Filbert, Graham, Napoleon, Wellington, Ambrosia, Brie, Cookie, Olive, and of course my main men Ben and Jerry.

I can't complain though. I feel a lot better with Nicorette.  And I've managed to put and keep ten pounds on since we've started our affair.  It's just that I know I could gain more without her.

Recently on a trip to Puerto Rico, Nicorette wasn't able to find me after we left San Juan. Without a pharmacy around in Rincon, she didn't know where to find me.  Some friends had brought Winston's cousin Marlboro to the party though.  He just reminded so much of Winston.  They wore the same cologne.  They were both SO know how it is.  So Marlboro and I had a brief affair.  It was just for a couple of days, until I knew I had to find a Walgreens where Nicorette would be waiting for me.

She was. We've been back together since.

I haven't told her but I have a visitor coming over tonight - His name is Spumoni.  He's Italian. He's mutli-racial - Cocoa, Cherry, and Pistachio.

What I scarfed today
Carnation Instant Breakfast
2 pepsis
Toast with Peanut Butter
Meatloaf, Mac and Cheese and Corn from Prime Cuts
Rice with Broccoli and Carrots
Fillet of Tilapia
Pint of Spumoni Ice Cream
Lots of Water
A Gatorade
5 Pieces of my main squeeze Nicorette

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