Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Mornin Cigarette.......

I started smoking when I was is what it is.  I want to tackle it....we all want to tackle it, but its not first on my list to change

But The Good mornin Cigarette IS on my list.. In college My friends and I cherished the good mornin cigarette...its how we got up, joked about the night before, reminisced about how stupid and ugly so and so was the night know....back when being a judgmental prick was the cat pajamas.

Nowadays, the Good Mornin Cigarette isn't connected to anything but "Jesus, I've been sleeping for 6 hours and haven't had a cigarette"......gross..

I also think the good mornin cigarette curbs the appetite and has kept me from eating breakfast for about ohhhh 12 years.

So I forced myself to eat 1400 calories before I smoked a cigarette today...right when I got up.
It was so much food.  How do people eat like that in the morning.

The first two hours of the day I felt bloated and like I never wanted to eat again.
Hours three and four I was ready to conquer the world, and take some names, and get the shit done and so forth.  It felt pretty good.

so I'm handing the good mornin ciggie over to the college kids where it belongs

I'm moved onto Top of the Mornin' Blueberry Mornin!

Workout 3 Reps of advanced Push up and Situps

Calorie intake (SO FAR) - just over 3000 plan on eating a fourth meal which will bring me to 4000

 Breakfast 2 english muffins with peanut butter kashi cereal with milk oj banana

lunch pasta primavera oj and a coke

dinner 2 pork chops parsnips baked apples with cinnamon and butter


  1. Matt, good luck with this! I am going to add you to my blog roll.

  2. 1400 calories? lets have breakfast sometime!I used to always get on Melissa Morse for her good morning ciggie, but her goodnight one was worse, because she had it in bed!!