Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mark my Words Bitch.....I will eat that whole fucking Cheesecake.

Before I start this post - I just want to point out that I think it is bizarre that there are literally THOUSANDS of posts of pigs eating cake online.

So Friday night at the show I had a woman walk up to me and give me the "do you eat" statement that I get a couple of times a week.

I replied with a "4000 calories a day!"  "I'm working on gaining weight'
To which she replied "Oh....I don't believe that"

Hold on one second,,,,,Are you calling me a LIAR?
Yes, yes she was.

I had a friend with me (thanks Sandy) who had my back and assured the women that it was true!  That I had been keeping a journal about my process which the women replied....

"Well I guess you need to eat more than"

Did she not hear the 4000 calorie statement?

This evening my friend Joyce came in and made me a cheesecake.
Joyce's baking skills are NOT a joke and the cheesecake (which I am eating a quarter of as I am writing this) is punch your grandma in the face delicious.

If that woman were here right now and said to me

"Well I guess you need to eat more than"
I would reply

"Mark my Words Bitch.....I will eat that whole fucking Cheesecake."

2pbjs, kashi, oj, milk, 3 bratwurst on buns, sauerkraut, Potato chips, Snap peas with Peppercorn Dressing. A half of the most delicious cheesecake you have ever eaten in your life. 

Push ups chin ups shoulder work.


  1. must google "pig eating cake"
    And I find it so strange that it is fine to accuse stranger of undereating, thus accusing them of not taking care of themselves, but not overeating. Thank God nobody ever comes up to me and says, "wow, look at you, you must be eating way too much."

  2. I agree with Mallery. My son is thin also and gets those comments once in a while, even from his siblings. I turn into momma bear and let them know that it is not okay to comment negatively on anyone's appearance. Matt, you're doing great!! I'm so proud of you for making healthy choices!