Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Mission

I'm a thin man. In fact I'm a see my hipbones thin man. And while it may not be easy to hear someone tell me to eat something at least once a week, I understand where it's coming from.

I live in the Midwest...and if a man isn't packing at least average weight (which here is actually about 30 - 80 extra pounds of Ground Beef that has been packed on to his stomach and his ass) there is SOMETHING WRONG.

Don't get it turned though...I'm not mad at 'em.  I understand that at the core of the comments is concern.
But there are things that I want people to understand as well.

I thought it was important to address the issues of this thin man (and my guess is of many others as well):

I am active.
My metabolism is insane.
I eat a lot (probably not enough for my body type, but a lot)
I never stop moving (even in my sleep)
I have a hard time eating a big breakfast.

Now, I'm pretty sure the last time I weighed 98 lbs was before I had any pubic hair.
But then again I'm 6' tall.
and my whole adult life I have weighed between 130-145 lbs.

SO THE GOAL: To Gain 35lbs this year

After a kidney stone and falling on my face on Halloween (a long story to be told at a later date), my weight is lower than usual at a whopping


The Goal by 2012: 170

Now,In order to gain 20 pounds I have been told by a dietary guide that I should be taking in 4400 calories a day with muscle training.

Am I a blogger? I don't know yet.
Am I on a Mission? Yes.
Will this help? Maybe....I have found Public Scrutiny to be a huge motivator in just about everything in life....and if this blog helps me or anyway else in my predicament, I figure why not? Get it all out there...so here we go...

What I ate today:
Kashi Blueberry Cereal
4 Pepsis (I know gross, got to get this in check)
A Swiss and Mushroom Burger from Culvers
Nachos and salsa
2 Cheese and 1 Chicken Enchilada
4 pieces of Russell Stover's Caramels
Spinach Salad with Avocado, cucumber, onion, tomato, goat and cottage cheese and Peppercorn Dressing.
20 0z of Orange Juice
1 Bottled Water
Calories : ??????

3 reps on push ups, curls, and shoulder work with dumbbells
Is this what I should be doing ????????? I think its a good start.

Cordially Yours,
The Thin Man


  1. I don't think I should read this anymore. I'm trying to limit myself to 1600 calories a day to lose some weight and this just makes me hungry. ;) May we both succeed!

  2. Maaaaaatttt? I'm so stoked about your plan and your blog! Consider yourself bookmarked!