Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm not a paka pacer....its the New York challenge.

People in small towns drive a lot.  It was one of the hardest things to get used to when I moved to Jackson.
Having lived in Chicago and New York for over a decade I understand the pace of a city and how you move your body to get where you need to be on time.

There was always something about it that was kind of like a challenge:
Example - In 2 minutes you will be late for work.
Position yourself on the subway to press your way through 5 human beings to be in the front of the pack Never take the escalator - Take the stairs three at a time
Look super important.
Treat people like shit on the street to get where you want to go. If some notices that you are being an asshole, half heartedly say "... sorry" and continue to physically move their body out of  your way
Anticipate when the lights will change at crosswalks
Drink triple soy latte while walking.
Step in front of aggressive vehicle with no consideration for your life
My friend Kat taught me this one...Physically punch or kick the vehicle of anyone driving a hummer in the city because what dickweed would drive a hummer in NYC (answer....more than you would think)

 Constant motion. Constant
Now, in Jackson,  there is no need for a challenge like that.  I drive everywhere.
So how do I use up that energy?

  I pace. I have a cigarette....I pace. I direct a show.....I pace....I seat the room at my building...I pace.  I pace...and then I pace. It's like I'm a Paka Pacer with no ugly shopping mart to move in...or a hamster in a wheel.  Only the wheel is the confines of a moment, and I can't stop myself from moving

I've found that eating more has become easier.  Now I just need to find how to slow my ass down...especially when there is no place to go.

Food since last time
Keeping up well with the 4000 calories and workouts for the last 5 days
As of this moment....thought earlier today i had a 5 pound gain....realized that is was only 2.


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